Application of laser welding in mould industry

Die is a basic tool for industrial production or metal processing, so it can be seen that it is widely used. However, the surface welding technology of traditional die materials is difficult to meet the high performance requirements. Laser welding gradually replaced the traditional welding technology, in the mold industry is gradually accepted by the market. So, what are the typical examples of laser welding in the whole mold industry, and what about the welding quality?

The most typical example of the application of laser welding in the mold industry is the mold repair laser welder. This kind of equipment is easy for the operator to use, which can greatly improve the speed of welding repair, and the repair effect and precision are nearly perfect, which makes the equipment widely used in the field of mold welding. The repair welding heat affected area of this welding machine is very small, and does not need to be heated in advance, after the work is welded pieces will not appear annealing. This laser welding repair technology can not only be used for the repair of mold wear, but also for small and precise areas to achieve precise welding, repair will not appear deformation or pores and other phenomena.

Whether the welding quality of this laser repair welder can meet the industrial requirements for the use of molds, it is a question that many users are concerned about. Above we also mentioned that the welding characteristics of this kind of welding machine is not deformation, porosity, trachoma, etc., which greatly improves the beauty and performance of the mold. In addition, this kind of laser welding machine can be perfectly combined with computer technology to improve the degree of automation, to achieve more precise and more efficient operation, the support of automation technology is also the best means to ensure the quality of the mold.