How to choose the right fiber laser marking machine

Superwave laser is a laser marking machine, laser welding machine, laser cutting machine research and development, production, sales of laser equipment high-tech company. In the face of many brands and different types of laser machines, how to choose their own fiber laser marking machine?
Due to the small size of optical fiber laser marking machine, easy to operate, maintenance free and long service life, high stability, and the price of the equipment is getting lower and lower, to meet the needs of production development, slowly replace the other metal marking equipment in the market. So how to choose cost-effective fiber laser marking machine?
First of all, according to their own product marking requirements to judge the selection of equipment power and configuration.
Secondly, good reputation and service manufacturers, product quality and after-sales are more guaranteed.
Choosing fiber laser marking machine mainly depends on the performance of laser and galvanometer:
Laser mainly see:
1. Comprehensive understanding of industrial lasers;
2. Select suitable lasers according to processing requirements;
3. Considering the stability and reliability under operating environment;
4. Credibility of equipment manufacturer;
5. Timely supply of equipment accessories;
6. Cost performance of equipment
The galvanometer mainly sees:
1. Marking time per hundred characters;
2. Marking type at high speed;
3. Heat dissipation;
4. Sealing condition