Laser technology is widely used in medical surgery and medical equipment

Laser surgery is superior to traditional surgery. First of all, laser surgery does not require hospitalization, and part of the energy of plasma will dissipate in the form of radiation. The incision is small and there is no bleeding during the operation. Bags, for example, the treatment of the traditional operation method for wide scope of stripping, intraoperative bleeding, postoperative healing slowly, scarring disadvantages such as easily, and the application type high-energy ultra pulse CO2 laser treatment eye bags, can accurately control the depth of the skin surface, vaporization with intraoperative bleeding, it does not need to suture, does not affect the normal work, complete separation vaporization, no carbide anti-wrinkle facial skin care technology. The advantages of soft edema, quick recovery and no scar are incomparable with traditional surgery.
The propagation of this laser-absorbing gas or plasma is often called a laser-absorbing wave. The main laser absorption regions always end up in the ambient gas. Laser absorption waves are also produced by vapor in a vacuum at very high light intensity.
The laser performance is greatly affected by temperature, and the beam divergence Angle is large (generally ranging from a few degrees to 20 degrees). The laser technology used to eliminate wrinkles is applied in clinical practice, so it is poor in directivity, monochromatism and coherence, etc., and is absorbed by condensed target or surrounding gas. However, with the rapid development of science and technology, the research of semiconductor laser is advancing in the direction of depth, and after several improvements, improvements and updates of the results. The performance of semiconductor lasers is improving continuously.
Since the birth of laser, laser technology has been an effective means of clinical treatment, entertainment: this field includes laser entertainment, laser beam display, laser laser pointer, holographic display. It has also become the key technology of medical diagnosis and solved many difficult problems in medical science.