Matters needing attention in operation of laser welding machine

Oct 18, 2019

In order to ensure the safety and protection of xinhuapeng laser welding, it is necessary to strictly control the laser damage, do a good job in engineering control, personal protection and safety management.

1. Engineering control

Engineering control refers to the safety measures taken on the structure of the laser or laser processing system, mainly including: protective cover -- to prevent the staff from receiving more than the maximum allowable exposure; Safety linkage -- an automatic device connected to a shield to avoid radiation when the shield is removed; Safe light path -- close light path where irradiation may cause combustion or secondary radiation; Key switch - generally refers to the removal of the key, the laser turn; Beam termination - a beam terminator or attenuator can be used to keep the laser beam from going beyond the controlled processing area.

2. Personal protection

It mainly refers to wearing fire-resistant and heat-resistant laser protective clothing, wearing laser protective glasses that can selectively attenuate specific laser wavelength, wearing a laser protective mask for ultraviolet laser sources, and wearing laser protective gloves that can avoid direct or scattered laser damage.

3. Safety management

Safety management mainly includes the establishment of specialized agencies or personnel, clear responsibilities and rights: including safety training and supervision.