Semiconductor End Pump Laser Marker

Semiconductor End Pump Laser Marker
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Semiconductor End Pump Laser Marker



The semiconductor end pump laser marker features high reliability, long service life, high energy conversion efficiency and high light beam quality, and therefore is widely used in electronic components, electro technical products, IC, hardware products, automobile parts, plastic products and precision instruments.


Advanced hardware control technology and intelligent software, high reliability, high stability, high security, high peak power, high precision marking quality; Small size; Low energy consumption and easy maintenance.

Suitable materials and application:

Suitable materials: nylon, ABS, PVC, PES, steel, titanium, copper, etc.It is widely used in automobile, IC, electronic components, silicon wafer, electronics, electric apparatus, communication, computer, clock and watch, glasses, jewelry, artwork ornaments, etc.


Technical Parameters:


ModelSW-EPLM10 / SW-EPLM20
Average output power10W / 20W
Marking range (mm)70X70;110X110;170X170mm;200X200mm
Repeating precision┬▒0.001mm
Minimum line width0.01mm
Power consumption0.8KVA @220VAC / 1.0KVA@220VAC