Side-pump Diode Laser Marker

Side-pump Diode Laser Marker
Product Details

Side-pump Diode Laser Marker



1, High electro-optic conversion efficiency

2, Low power dissipation and stable laser output

3, Semiconductor pump laser (DPSS laser) with long service life up to 10,000hours.

4, Laser output with small spot and thin lines, suitable for precise pattern marking

5. Low cost. Easy to operation and user friendly. Easy to do maintenance.



Laser marking machine have been widely applied to make most metal materials and

some nonmetal materials, especially to process high elaborate and accurate product marking ,

such as electronic components, components ,communication equipment ,glasses and watch ,

auto parts, plastic buttons, tools, tableware, medical equipment .precision metal, gift accessories,

label, PVP tube etc.




Technical Parameter:

Max laser power50W
Laser wavelength1064nm
Laser Repetition frequency=50KHz
Marking area110×110mm
Marking size optional50x50mm,70x70mm,150x150mm,175x175mm,200x200mm
Marking depth=0.5mm
Linear speed=7000mm/s
Min line width0.01mm
Min letter0.2mm
Power supply220v±10%/50Hz
Host dimension(L*W*H)1100x630x1420mm
Water chiller dimension680x390x720mm