UV Laser Marking and Engraving Machine

UV Laser Marking and Engraving Machine
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UV Laser Marking and Engraving Machine


Ultraviolet laser has less thermal effect by comparing with green laser and infrared laser. Various materials have high absorption rate to alter structure of molecular chain directly by short wavelength laser. UV laser has more obvious advantages especially for materials which are sensible for thermal effect during micro-meter or nanometer level super-fining processing.

Dust-proof sealed laser cavity without condensation is designed to avoid damage to expensive optical elements thoroughly and guarantee stable batch production under industrial environment.


It has advantages such as short wavelength, short pulse, high-quality light beam, high precision and high peak power, etc. Therefore, the system has excellent application characteristics in special material processing fields to avoid thermal effect and increase processing precision obviously on various sufaces.


UV laser are mainly used for marking and surface treatment of circular microchips, thin ceramics, IC crystal particles, glasses, TFT, LED, plasma screens, precise key marks, glass surface marks, silicon wafer marks, PCB processing, flat-panel display production, fine tuning of electronic elements, processing of solar energy battery materials, textiles and thin polymer films, etc.

3. Parameters

Average output power1W3W5W10W
Laser wave length355nm
Repeating frequency20~200KHz
Beam qualityM2<1.2
Pulse width<10ns(@20kHz)<15ns(@20kHz)<15ns(@20kHz)<20ns(@20kHz)
Marking area60mm x 60mm    (standard)110mm x 110mm    (standard)
Power supplyAC90~240V / 50~60Hz /1Ph / 1KW
Cooling systemWater cooling