Laser Beam Expender

Laser Beam Expender
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Laser Beam Expender for Laser Machine

We manufacture a variety of laser beam expanders to suit most laser types, from small waveguide lasers up to multi-kilowatt industrial lasers. There is also a modular range for experimental and laboratory purposes.

Material: BK7 fine annealed

Diameter: -0.1mm


Flatness: l/4

Surface Quality: 60-40 scratch-dig

Coating: HR dielectric coatings R >  99%

1. CO2 Laser Beam Expanders (10.6um)

There are 2 types of beam expander: fixed and adjustable beam expanders. For the fixed beam expanders, the spacing between the two lenses inside the beam expander is fixed, but the spacing between the two lenses inside the adjustable beam expanders is adjustable. The lens material is ZeSe, which allows the red light to go through the beam expander.

2.Nd:YAG Laser Beam Expanders (1064nm, 532nm & 355nm)

Customized beam expanders (different expansion ratios, wavelengths and dimensions) are available on request.