CO2 Laser Source

CO2 Laser Source

CO2 Laser source is the most important part of CO2 laser machineS, its quality determined laser machine quality, long time lifespan, high quality laser beam, stable performance and maintenance. This is what a good laser machine needed. We have cooperated with Synrad, Access, Coherent to offer...

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CO2  Laser  source  is  the  most  important  part  of  CO2  laser  machineS,  its  quality  determined  laser  machine  quality,  long  time  lifespan,  high  quality  laser  beam,  stable  performance  and  maintenance.  This  is  what  a  good  laser  machine  needed.

We  have  cooperated  with  Synrad,  Access,  Coherent  to  offer  you  high  quality  CO2  laser  source.

1.  Synrad  laser  source

2.  Access  laser  source

3.  Coherent  laser  source



2.Outstanding  beam  quality

3.Excellent  power  stability

4.Cost-saving  and  simple,  direct-air  cooling

5.Linear  polarization

6.Fast  rise/fall  time

7.All-metal  seals  for  long  life

8.Wide  operating  power  range

9.CW  or  modulated  up  to  25  kHz

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