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Quasi continuous wave fiber laser source

IPG Photonics’ quasi continuous wave(QCW) fiber lasers produce peak power 10 times greater in pulsed versus CW mode and are ideal for the replacement of conventional flash lamp-pumed YAG lasers used in spot welding,seam welding&drilling.the QCW series fiber lasers are can be tetrofitted into most existing systems.these compact units are substantially more cost-effective than lamp-pumed YAG lasers due to>30% wall-plug efficiencies and maintenance-free operation.


Advantage of Quasi-CW Lasers


IPGs Quasi-CW Ytterbium Laser Systems deliver peak power in excess of 20 kW with pulse energies over 200 J. They can be operated in either continuous wave or adjustable pulsed mode (0.2-50 ms) at repetition rates up to 5 kHz, providing up to 10 times higher peak power in the pulsed over CW mode. The flexibility of peak power makes them ideally suited in wide range of materials processing applications including spot welding, seam welding and drilling. They are much more cost-effective than inefficient flashlamp-pumped YAG lasers due to >30% wall-plug efficiencies and maintenance-free operation. Retrofit services will help customers replace older production lasers with energy-efficient fiber lasers from IPG.


Individual Quasi-CW Fiber laser pulses can be modulated with analog control to achieve the optimal temporal pulse shape or pulse train for any particular application:

Multi-pulse for drilling

Ramp up for pre-cleaning

Enhanced spike for high reflectivity materials

Remove porosity or shrinkage pipe in center of weld

Ramp down pulse used for reducing cracking on crack sensitive materials

Features of Quasi-CW Lasers

Q-switched fiber lasers are capable of providing pulse energies in the mJ range, but for materials processing applications requiring multiple Joules of pulse energy at multi-kilowatt peak powers IPG has developed the unique Quasi-CW Fiber Lasers. These fiber lasers occupy the space between kW class CW fiber lasers and Q-switched pulsed lasers.  They are very similar to kW class fiber lasers with one notable difference: their peak power during ON time is up to tenfold higher than their average power in pure CW mode of operation. Thus, these lasers can provide tens of joules of energy over a long pulse, from 50 microseconds to 50 milliseconds.


1.Maximum Peak Power  = 10x Average Power

2.Outstanding Pulse Power/ Energy Stability

3.Internal Pulse Generator/ Pulse shaping

4.Wall-plug Efficiency >30%

5.Pulse Duration* 0.05-50 ms

6.Single-mode or Multi-mode

Quasi-CW Lasers series


YLM modules:

OEM & Integrator


YLR 19" rack-mountable units:

compact user-friendly interfac


YLS systems:

kW class industrial rugged design



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