Optical Path

Optical Path
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We can provide OEM and system integrators with a range of high performance components and sub-assemblies of Nd:YAG laser at much competitive prices. These components and sub-assemblies include laser head (pump chamber with Nd:YAG rod and lamp, laser resonator including rear mirror and output coupler, optional Q-switch cell, optional aperture, optional beam expander), Q-switch driver, lamp driver, chiller.

The laser typically consists of a laser head including pump chamber, Nd:YAG rod, lamp and laser resonator and a control cabinet including lamp driver, Q-switch driver (option), control box (option) etc. The YAG lamp-pumped lasers are suitable for a wide range of precision marking, engraving, cutting, and welding systems.

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Optical path

——Integrated Lamp pumped chamber(Optical rail) for laser marking machine, laser welding machine, laser cutting machine