Quasi-CW Fiber Laser Welding Machine

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Quasi-CW Fiber Laser Welding Machine


It uses QCW fiber laser source.Its minimum focus spot diameter only one-third of the traditional YAG laser welding machine.Particularly suitable for precisely welding.Its photoelectric transformation efficiency is very high.Its power consumption is only one-tenth of the traditional laser welding equipment.From this,its annual electricity cost can be greatly reduced.It is highly reliable, almost no maintenance, have no use for replacing xenon lamp, and laser rod.It is air cooling.Its floor space only quarter of traditional YAG laser welding machine,easy for production line layout or automated integration.


The QCW laser welding machine is an ideal choice for spot welding, seam welding and long pulse drilling . They are designed by air cooled and compact structure.Due to its electro-optical conversion efficiency greater than 30% and no maintenance etc characteristics,the cost efficiency is far superior to the conventional YAG laser.


Features of Quasi-CW Lasers

1.Maximum Peak Power  = 10x Average Power

2.Outstanding Pulse Power/ Energy Stability

3.Internal Pulse Generator/ Pulse shaping

4.Wall-plug Efficiency >30%

5.Pulse Duration* 0.05-50 ms

6.Single-mode or Multi-mode


Individual Quasi-CW Fiber laser pulses can be modulated with analog control to achieve the optimal temporal pulse shape or pulse train for any particular application:

Multi-pulse for drilling

Ramp up for pre-cleaning

Enhanced spike for high reflectivity materials

Remove porosity or shrinkage pipe in center of weld

Ramp down pulse used for reducing cracking on crack sensitive materials



mainly apply for IT, medicine, electronics, battery, instrument, hardware, optical communication and other industries.


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Laser Type

Max Average Power(pulse model)150W300W450W600W
Max Average Power(continuous model)150W300W450W600W
Max pulse energy15J30J45J60J
Rate Power1500W3000W4500W6000W
Cooling systemAir Cooling
Laser wavelength1070nm
Operation modelpulse/continuation
Pulse Width0.2-50ms
Power Supply220V±10%,50HZ


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