2513 YAG Laser Cutting Machin-superwave Laser

Apr 01, 2018
2513 YAG Laser Cutting Machin-superwave Laser

2513 YAG Laser Cutting Machine

Fiber laser cutting machine is the newest generation laser cutting system, the fiber laser source is low energy consumption and high efficiency laser generator. The user no need do laser alignment of the laser resonator, the laser pump source is very high service life up to 50000 hours. And maintenance free. It's mainly use for cutting automobile parts, agricultural machinery, aerospace, pressure vessel, chemical engineering, and engineering machinery.

Application Guide:The YAG Laser cutting system can process metallic material
such as:stainless steel,aluminium,stainless steel,
carbon steel,alloy steel,spring steel,copper sheet,
aluminum heet,gold,silver,titanium sheet and pipe
And alloy of heterogeneous materials.
System profile:Standard working size: 2m x1.2m / 2.4m x1.5m / 3mx1.5m
Max Laser power:650W
Electrical source: 3phases AC380V, 50/60Hz
Laser type: Nd: YAG 1064nm solid state laser
Control systemComputer: standard industrial control computer
Laser control software: Windows XP basis;
Format support: AI, PLT, DXF etc
Workbench: High precision servo driver
Basis Function: Water flux protective;
Flash lamp Turn on protective;
Outer control protective; Water temperature protective etc.
Data SheetMax.output laser power: 650W
Max.cutting area: standard:3000mm X1500mm
Pulse frequency: 1-300Hz
Pulse width: 50-15000us
Max.cutting speed: 35mm/second
Max.thickness:Carbon steel 8mm with protective Gas
Max.orientation speed: 50mm/second
Cutting accuracy: 0.025 / 2m
Min.cutting line width: 0.15mm
Repeatability accuracy: 0.015mm

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