3D CO2 Laser Marker And Cutter-superwave laser cutting machine

May 17, 2018
3D CO2 Laser Marker And Cutter-superwave laser cutting machine


SW-CLM150-3D which is the 3D Dynamic Laser Cutting & Marking Machine, it's 3D galvanometer Laser scanning marking system. Mainly applies on the leather, cloth materials shoes industry. Marking design is very smooth and exquisite. Marking speed is very fast. With the first-class marking technology, it can work on sculptured surface without defocus. Configured with specialized 3D vibrating mirror, the 3D dynamic laser marking can control the software and hardware, and the laser beam can mark on arbitrary 3D sculptured surface.



Adopting high-speed galvanometer system, which imported from American; with high speed, high precision and stable performance. Marking scope is very big, from 450x450mm to 1350x1350mm. The CO2 RF laser source from Germany famous brand. And the all CO2 Laser optical components from USA.The software also basis on the Europe technology, which is easy to operate, and user friendly. The steady quality system ensure 24hours running.


● Using of imported high-quality CO2 laser tube, beam expander and galvanometer scanner and focus lens, stable performance, to meet the requirements of long hours of continuous work.

● Fully enclosed laser system, stability light , no debugging.

● low power consumption, long life of the laser, the power can be inflated to continue to use.

● Sealed metal cavity, laser life up to 20,000 hours.

● non-contact marking process,permanent marking effect , to meet the needs of large quantities of industrial online or offline production.

● four large feet to ensure that equipment installation is stable and safe, to avoid equipment affect the marking effect in all kinds environment (vibration, etc)9.Maintenance-free Operation





The emergence of three-dimensional laser marking machine is a major jump in the field of laser marking, it is no longer limited to the surface shape of the object in the class plane, can be extended to the three-dimensional surface, to achieve high-efficiency three-dimensional surface laser Marking and surface microstructure manufacturing. Compared with the traditional two-dimensional laser marking machine, three-dimensional laser marking machine has the following advantages.


1. larger range and a finer light effect.

3D marking can be divided into pre-focus and post-focus two modes, using the pre-focus mode, the main purpose is to achieve a larger marking range, the general use of larger X, Y-axis deflection lens, allowing the laser spot Large, and get a smaller focus spot, the energy density is higher; so as to meet the requirements of the larger regional standards.


2.variable focal length, to achieve three-dimensional marking.

As the 3D marking can quickly change the laser focal length and laser beam position, to achieve high-efficiency three-dimensional surface2D can not achieve the polyhedral marking. After the use of 3D marking, cylindrical projection in the light projection range can be completed once, greatly improving the processing efficiency. Moreover, the surface shape of many parts of industrial products is not just a simple plane, 2D marking processing is really powerless, and this time, 3D marking is easier to achieve.


3. suitable for deep engraving.

Traditional 2D marking has inherent defects in object deep engraving, in the engraving process when laser focus move, the role of the actual surface of the laser energy will be a sharp decline, seriously affecting the effect of deep engraving and efficiency.3D marking engraving for deep processing, there is no such problem, both to ensure the results, but also enhance the efficiency.





All kinds of non-metallic materials and products marking, engraving, hollowing, cutting. Widely used in food packaging, beverage packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, construction ceramics, clothing accessories, leather, fabric cutting, craft gifts, rubber products, electronic components, shell nameplate, and so on. Applicable to paper, wood, glass, leather and other materials.




co2 3d laser engraving machine.png

Data Sheet:

Laser wavelength10.64um
Marking Line Speed10,000mm/s
Max Marking Area400mm×400mm;500mm×500mm ;600x600; 800mm×800mm; 1300x1300. max optional
Minimum Character0.4mm
Rated Laser Power150W
Laser Peak Power298W
Impulse Frequency0-130KHZ
Operating SystemWindows XP
Format supportedAi;Plt;Dxf;jpg;bmp etc
Peak Power Consume4500W
Cooling methodWater Chiller
Host system1550mm(h) ×720mm(w) ×750mm(d)
Controller850mm(h) ×620mm(w) ×650mm(d)
Water Chiller880mm(h) ×470mm(w) ×550mm(d)