3d Laser Engraver And Cutter For Metal Marking And Engraving

Feb 16, 2019
3d Laser Engraver And Cutter For Metal Marking And Engraving

Three-dimensional dynamic fiber laser marking machine using high-energy density of the laser on the workpiece for local irradiation,So that the surface material vaporized or through chemical reactions lead to color changes, leaving a permanent mark.With the first-class marking technology, it can work on sculptured surface without defocus. Configured with specialized 3D vibrating mirror, the 3D dynamic laser marking can control the software and hardware, and the laser beam can mark on arbitrary 3D sculptured surface.

Features of 3d Laser Engraving Machine

Traditional 2D laser marking is used post-focus mode, generally only within the specified range of plane marking.The advent of the new 3D laser marking machine has solved the inherent shortcomings of the 2D laser marking machine. The 3D laser marking machine adopts the advanced pre-aggregation method, and use of the dynamic focusing seat, which takes the light principle, The principle of candle imaging, through the software control and mobile dynamic focusing lens, to change the focal length of the laser beam to achieve accurate surface marking of high and low different objects.


● High security

Using of closed laser optical path design, can effectively prevent the leakage of laser radiation.

● High stability

Laser transmission through the fiber, loss is small, good stability to ensure increased product yield.

● High speed

Perfect hardware and software with ultra-high-speed custom galvanometer, effectively improve production capacity, marking speed up to 7000mm / s, is the traditional marking machine 2 to 3 times.

● Good beam quality

The minimum line width up to 0.015mm, repeating accuracy up to 0.001mm, especially for fine, precision marking.

● No supplies

Fiber laser life up to 100,000 hours, no supplies, without any maintenance, high photoelectric conversion efficiency, the machine power consumption does not exceed 500W, significant savings in energy consumption.

 Application of  3d Laser Engraving Machine

It's suitable for all kinds of metals and nonmetals laser marking on 3D surface. It's widely used in mobile manufacture, cubic circuits, medical equipments, moulds, 3C electronics, auto parts, electronic communication, etc.