Advantages Of Laser Marking Machine In Metal Surface Marking

Nov 02, 2020
Advantages Of Laser Marking Machine In Metal Surface Marking

Metal nameplates are also called metal nameplates. Common metal nameplates mainly mark the LOGO of manufacturers, information parameters, or some commemorative patterns. Metal nameplates are widely used because of their outstanding performance in preservation, abrasion resistance, appearance texture and other aspects. Metal nameplate general material is metal sheet, use more such as: stainless steel, aluminum alloy, alumina, zinc alloy, iron, zinc alloy.

Laser engraving patterns on stainless steel nameplates

In the past, silk screen printing and pad printing were commonly used to draw patterns, print company LOGO, contact information and two-dimensional code on the surface of metal nameplates. The working principle of screen printing is very simple. First, the pattern to be printed is carved on the steel plate, and then printed on the surface of the nameplate through the printing screen. Pad printing is the need to print the block plate, engraved on the plate gravure, and then printed on the surface of the product with silica gel transfer head. The printing technology of both has its advantages and disadvantages, but with the development of society and the improvement of people's demands, the shortcomings of traditional printing technology are more and more

Obviously, for example:

1. Poor wear resistance. The wear resistance mentioned here is not the wear resistance of metal materials, but refers to the metal surface ink in use will often be worn away, resulting in blurring, fading and other conditions.

2. Poor adaptability to harsh environment, such as water pump nameplate, air compressor nameplate, mold nameplate and other equipment, due to production environment problems often come into contact with immersion, high temperature, chemical pollution and other conditions, ordinary printing ink can not stand all kinds of environmental damage.

3. Aesthetic requirements: Metal surface printing looks low-end, which is not suitable for some products with high requirements on appearance, such as commemorative badges, metal business CARDS, exquisite company publicity nameplates, handicraft description nameplates, etc., cannot meet their appearance requirements.

Compared with the traditional metal nameplate surface treatment technology, the emergence of metal nameplate laser marking machine successfully solved a series of problems. Metal nameplate laser marking machine is also called metal laser marking machine. It is characterized by high marking accuracy, high speed and stable performance. Metal surface marking does not require ink or other media to cover the surface, directly through the laser marking on the metal nameplate surface. And only through computer control, simple operation, can print a variety of complex patterns, text, TWO-DIMENSIONAL code and other content, through these advantages, the metal nameplate marking machine immediately occupied a large share of the metal surface treatment market.