Advantages Of PCB Laser Cutting Machine Processing PCB Circuit Board Sub-board

Oct 14, 2020
Advantages Of PCB Laser Cutting Machine Processing PCB Circuit Board Sub-board

The principle of the PCB laser cutting machine is to irradiate the surface of the PCB circuit board with a high-energy beam, and realize the vaporization and cutting of PCB materials by controlling the beam energy density, frequency, speed, processing times and other parameters.

Some friends can't help but wonder whether this high-temperature processing method will melt the surface of the PCB material and appear charred. The answer is yes and no. The early PCB laser cutting and splitting machines were all processed by CO2 lasers. The light spot of this kind of light source was thick and the thermal influence was great. Some PCB materials did not absorb the 10.6 micron wavelength laser well, and it was easy to appear similar to burnt. appear. With the continuous improvement of laser technology, the continuous increase of green and ultraviolet laser power has been introduced into the PCB circuit board sub-board industry and has been fully applied.PCB laser cutting sample

So what are the advantages of using green/ultraviolet PCB laser cutting machine to process PCB circuit boards?
1. Compared with CO2 laser, the applicable materials are more extensive. In addition to aluminum substrates, almost all materials can be processed, such as FR4, fiberglass board, paper substrate, copper clad laminate, etc. In addition, the wavelength of ultraviolet light and green light is shorter, the pulse width is small, the thermal effect is small, and there is no scorching phenomenon.
2. Non-contact processing can be processed for any graphics without being affected. Therefore, compared with traditional processing methods in the PCB circuit board industry, there is no need to make any adjustments, which can effectively improve the response speed and target any curve processing.
3. The processing effect is good, the wavelength of the laser is short, the thermal effect is small, the cutting edge is smooth, no burrs, and no dust is generated during the processing. Will not produce any stress on the PCB circuit board, and will not deform the board.
4. The cutting accuracy is high, the camera is used for positioning, the cutting gap is less than 50 microns, and the cutting position accuracy is high. It is especially suitable for certain specific PCB sub-board industries with high processing requirements.
5. The operation process is simple, the software is automatically controlled, and the automatic loading and unloading mechanism can be docked, saving labor costs.