Advantages Of Stainless Steel Welding-superwave Laser Welding Machine

Welding advantages of the superwave laser  stainless steel laser welding machine:

1. The selected CCD system is convenient and accurate and suitable for spot welding of all kinds of complicated welding seams and various devices

2. It can be soldered at room temperature under special conditions such as vacuum or through glass material, and the equipment is simple.

3. The stainless steel laser welding machine can accurately locate the light spot during the micro-welding, and can be produced in large quantities.      

4. The stainless steel laser welding machine can be welded with non-contact distance when welding to hard-to-reach parts.      

5. The materials used in the stainless steel laser welding machine are ceramic polyoptical cavity, corrosion resistant and high temperature.      

6. It can be used for welding of opposite-sex materials and refractory materials such as quartz, and it works well.