Application Of Laser Marking Machine In Mobile Phone And PCB Circuit Board

Sep 16, 2020
Application Of Laser Marking Machine In Mobile Phone And PCB Circuit Board

The application of circuit board in mobile phone is mainly manifested in the main PCB board and sub-PCB board, while the application means of laser processing technology in mobile phone circuit board include ultraviolet laser cutting technology, laser marking technology and laser drilling technology.

                                                 Laser marking application of mobile PHONE PCB circuit board

The main functions of mobile PHONE PCB circuit board marking are divided into two aspects: one is the brand promotion of the enterprise at the product marking place; the other is to mark the TWO-DIMENSIONAL code, which contains the relevant information of the product, so as to facilitate the downstream link to do the tracing application. We all know that there are many words and symbols in the circuit board to correspond to the corresponding components. This marking method mainly adopts printing technology, so why should the TWO-DIMENSIONAL code adopt PCB laser marking technology?

Instead of printing or spurting code? Mainly because of the printing process of qr code information will be covered by other processes, and printing in the early stage, in the SMT production line, workstations need PCB qr code to play mark information according to the demand of the different contains 1-3 location, so you need to set up independent workstation qr code marking on PCB circuit boards. The difference between PCB spurting code and PCB laser marking is that spurting code is nothing more than a small two-dimensional code containing many characters. Usually, the area of mobile phone PCB is small, leaving a small blank area, the need for a small TWO-DIMENSIONAL code, apparently the flaw in the technology of spurting code limited its development. The advantage of the corresponding PCB laser printer lies in the fine light spot, a light spot can be achieved under 50 microns, can mark 1*1mm multi-digit TWO-DIMENSIONAL code, and can ensure clear, beautiful, readable rate. 

Compared with the spraying code, PCB laser marking technology has the advantages of one-time investment, environmental protection, pollution-free and higher safety. In mobile phone PCB PCB laser marking technology of laser technology is the main performance of ultraviolet laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, green laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine, FPC flexible circuit boards, such as the laser points plate printer according to different materials, different requirements, there are differences in equipment, mainly displays in optical components, such as laser, so there are differences in cost price. For example, GREEN oil PCB usually adopts CO2 laser marking machine, while white oil PCB usually adopts ULTRAVIOLET laser marking machine. The application of PCB laser marking is displayed in the field of PCB circuit board. In addition to the above PCB laser cutting and PCB laser marking, the application of laser processing technology also includes PCB laser drilling technology. The main function is to drill the blind hole and through hole of PCB board. There are also PCB engravers to remove copper-clad plates from the PCB surface or to carve the desired shape.