Auto Wire Feeding Hand-held Torch

Apr 09, 2020
Auto Wire Feeding Hand-held Torch

Auto Wire Feeding Hand-held Torch


Auto Wire Feeding System

Control box+Auto wire feeder+Driver


-Wire output

-Feeding tube

-Tube jacket

-Mounting base

-Protective tube jacket


1. Application

Auto wire feeder can be used with SW-CWH handheld fiber welding machine.widely used in elevators,shelves,ovens,door and window guardrails,distribution boxes,furniture and other complex and irregular welding processes.Able to feed Aluminum wire,steel wire,iron wire.


2. Specification

R Ratio:  10:1   Mini Torque:4 mm   Feed Speed:1-100mm/s

Wire Diameter:Φ 0.8-Φ1.2mm  Drive mode:worm+Spur gear


3. Advantage

- Easy installation,long life,low noise and low energy consumption;

- Small size,light weight,large torque,high transmission efficiency,long-distance  matching with laser welding wire;

- Wire feeding ,and laser welding can synchronously run and stop;wire feeding habit of different users,and to achieve proficiency in a short time;

- Software control:wire feed speed settings via LCD screen,256 sets parameters memory space,and switch easily through IO.At the same time,the wire feeding dpeed can be dynamically set by the AD analog quantity,which can adapt  to different welding scenarios.