Automatic Laser Welding Machine

Sep 03, 2018
Automatic Laser Welding Machine

Automatic Laser Welding Machine


Automatic Laser Welding Machine use PLC programmable controller or industrial PC control, and automatic moving platform in X/Y axis are provided. Semiconductor red light indication positioning is provided to move manually upwards and downwards to focus and rotate the incidence angle of the laser.




It uses ceramic converging cavity technology imported from the Britain, as well as unique light beam mode selection and truing technology, ensuring high output power and good light beam mode, double-pulse xenon lamp excitation, constant current laser power supply, programmable pulse and intelligent system management, as well as automatic protection of misoperation and overtemperature.


1. The use of British imports of ceramic condenser cavity, corrosion and high temperature resistance.

2.Its lifetime is about 8 to10 years, the xenon lamp lifetime more than eight million times.

3.High-power laser power supply, current waveform segment controllable.

4.LCD display interface, setting the parameters intuitive and convenient.

5.The software has tight control logic, fine digital filtering, fast control algorithm, the laser output more stable and fast.

6.Powerful PC control, easy to program, debug and maintain.

7.Up to 4 axis can be high-performance motion control, to achieve the space of the welding track teaching programming.




This series welder uses integrated design and features compact and beautiful appearance, high output power, stable energy, good light beam mode, simple operation, reliable performance and wide application.


1.Separate the workbench and the host system, the laser output position flexibility, to facilitate the customer welding various size and shapes of the workpieces

2.Professional motion control software, single-chip set graphics mode, you can complete the automatic or semi-automatic spot welding, butt welding, stack welding, sealing welding, single-line straight line, arc and other trajectory welding. Optional rotary workbench, you can solder cylindrical objects and various shapes of objects..

3.Weld quality is so good.Its appearance is flat and no pores; welding frequency can choose the maximum from 50 to 100Hz, wire speed up to 18mm / s, greatly improving the welding efficiency and weld quality.

4.Current wave forms are arbitrarily adjusted: different wave forms can be set according to the different material, so that the welding parameters and welding requirements match to achieve the best welding effect.

5.After welding the material tenacity is good: at least equivalent to the parent material.




Welding of automobile parts, hydraulic lever, gasoline filter, automobile tail gas sensor, solenoid valve and start motor stator, and seal welding lithium battery (mobile phone battery and energy battery), metallurgy (welding of silicon steel plate), military industry sensor, motor blade welding electronic components, welding of (relay) electric apparatus industry, silicon steel plate, air conditioner motor rotor, leakage protector.Widely used in aviation, machinery, electronics, communication, energy, chemical, automobile manufacture.

Date Sheet

Rated laser output power200W400W600W
Laser wavelength1064nm
Adjusting range of light spot0.1-3.0mm
Pulse width=20ms
Pulse frequency=50Hz
Sighting positioning methodRed light, CCD monitor system (optional)
NC system of the work benchPLC or PC
Stroke of the work bench200*200mm to 1200*1200mm
Positioning precision0.02mm
Repeating positioning precision±0.01mm
Work bench bearing=200kg
Power supply220V/3-phase/50Hz/60A380V/3-phase/50Hz/60A380V/3-phase/50Hz/60A
Cooling methodWater cooling
Master unit dimensions (L*W*H)1600mm*800mm*1500mm