Brass Laser Welding

Jan 04, 2021
Brass Laser Welding

One of the difficulties in laser welding of brass is its high reflection to the laser. The experiments show that proper surface pretreatment such as sandblasting, sandpaper grinding, surface chemical erosion, surface plating, graphite layer and oxidation in air furnace can reduce beam reflection and effectively increase the absorption of light beam energy of brass laser welding.

Brass laser welding machines have also found that the influence of joint groove geometry on beam absorptivity. For example, a pointed V-shaped welding machine is an excellent welding machine, which provides a much higher absorptivity than a non-groove or square-groove joint. Based on this welding machine, engineers from the manufacturer consider the design of brass welding structure and use reasonable fixture design to increase the absorption of laser energy by the brass surface.

Compared with traditional welding technology, brass optical fiber laser welding has obvious characteristics of high efficiency, control and high quality, but its defect formation mechanism and prevention measures are also unique. The welding machine has developed a very mature process in brass laser welding technology. Most of the existing problems can be solved.

Industrial pure copper with fiber optic pulse laser welding can be a very good welding, after welding generally won't appear crack, but now some of the industry, need to grind the surface after welding, and the optical fiber laser pulse will have depression after welding, grinding amount will increase, this increases the processing cycle and production costs, and continuous laser welding machine can well solve these problems. The pulse welding spot is not uniform, the edge is bitten, the surface is sunken, spatter is more, the strength after welding is not high.

Optical fiber continuous laser welding machine (LASER welding machine) research and development custom manufacturers in order to improve the weld brass quality, the use of continuous laser welding machine, weld surface smooth and uniform, no spatter, no defects, no cracks in the weld.