Can Laser Marking Machine Engrave On Stone?

Nov 05, 2020
Can Laser Marking Machine Engrave On Stone?

The marking machine can hit stones, but it requires the use of CO2 laser marking machine. CO2 laser marking machine USES CARBON dioxide radio frequency laser as laser source, peak power and finished beam quality, can ensure the processing effect on the surface of stone, leather, wood and other non-metallic materials is better than any other light source.

If the stone is small and the marking format is about 100mm×100mm, then an ordinary CO2 laser marking machine can meet your requirements

Stone laser marking

Stone crafts

Stone laser engraving

Stone engraving pattern

If the stone marking format is large, such as: 150mm×150mm, 200mm×200mm, then you need to select the appropriate focal lens according to the size of the marking range.

Large format stone laser marking

If it is large-format marking of stone monuments, stone murals, etc., a dynamic CO2 laser marking machine is needed. The dynamic large format CO2 laser marking machine can realize the switching of different marking planes through the dynamic focusing function, reaching the marking format from 200mm×200mm to 600mm×600mm or even 1200mmX1200mm.