Continuous Wave(CW) Automatic Fiber Laser Welding Machine

Oct 18, 2019
Continuous Wave(CW) Automatic Fiber Laser Welding Machine

The continuous wave(CW) fiber lasers can effectively suppress the focal motion of the focused beam caused by the beam mode changes that cause by the thermal lens effect of the laser source.It effectively improves the quality and stability of welding.The structure design and solid metal outermost cover ensure that this laser system can be used in an online industrial production.And has a better protection for the impact, dust, vibration and temperature widely changes.The traditional laser source consist of the lens, laser rods and other components.What's different is that fiber laser source integrates all this components.A several meters of fiber cable replaced the laser rod,other components are also replaced by fiber optic parts.All of that make up a laser resonator.The benefits of the design is that there is no need for para-position, calibration and cleaning the optical lens surface after the laser source installing.It means that late maintenance is easy or no maintenance required.

Automatic Laser Welding Machine use PLC programmable controller or industrial PC control, and automatic moving platform in X/Y axis are provided. Semiconductor red light indication positioning is provided to move manually upwards and downwards to focus and rotate the incidence angle of the laser.


mainly apply for welding of sheet metal, metal and aluminum alloy, used in automobile, aviation, aerospace, ship, power battery, hardware and kitchenware etc.

Date Sheet

Laser TypeSW-CW1000



Range of power adjustment


Laser wavelength1070nm±5nm

Laser model


Fiber cable


Max focal diameter


Operation model

Continuation / pulse

Welding speed


Fiber cable core diameter


Control System


Cooling System

Water Cooling

Water temperature


Power supply

AC 220V±10%,50/60H

Temperature of working environment



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