Continuous Wave Fiber Laser Welding Machine

Oct 21, 2019
Continuous Wave Fiber Laser Welding Machine

CW Fiber Lasers cover output power range have feature a wide range of operating wavelengths, single-mode and multi-mode options, high stability and extremely long pump diode lifetime. These lasers are water-cooled and can be suppiled with a built-in or standalone chiller. The lasers are available with a wide variety of fiber terminations, collimation optics and processing heads.


A Unique Combination of Advanced Technologies fiber lasers are created from active optical fibers and semiconductor diodes, a merger between two of the most innovative and advanced laser technologies. Fiber lasers use single emitter semiconductor diodes as the best light source to pump the active fibers. The laser beam emitted is contained within optical fibers and delivered through an armored flexible cable. Active fibers are special optical fibers doped with rare earth ions, these allow for an extremely bright light from a very small core, thus combining multikilowatt output power with excellent beam quality.


1.Output fiber laser power stability, electro-optical conversion rate up to 30%,Its conversion rate is 8 times of YAG.

2.Beam quality is excellent, non-Gaussian light, multi-module fiber transmission.

3.Maintenance-free operation.

4.Low cost of use,almost no consumptive material, daily maintenance-free,reducing the cost of debugging when production line stops.

5.Long lifetime, high precision, pump source lifetime more than 100,000 hours.

Date Sheet

 Laser TypeSW-CW500SW-CW750SW-CW1000SW-CW2000SW-CW3000
Power  (w)500750100020003000
Range of power adjustment5-95%
Laser wavelength1070nm±5nm
Laser modelMulti-mode
Fiber cable10m
Max focal diameter≤5mm
Operation modelContinuation / pulse
Welding speed0~120mm/s
Fiber cable core diameter50um
Control SystemAD
Cooling SystemWater Cooling
Water temperature20-25℃
Power supplyAC 220V±10%,50/60Hz
Temperature of working environment


Humidity of working environment≦95%