Covid-19 Igg/Igm Ab Test One Step Rapid Diagnostic Test Kit

Apr 01, 2020
Covid-19 Igg/Igm Ab Test One Step Rapid Diagnostic Test Kit

Product Name:
One Step Kit COVID-19 IgM/IgG Ab Test
Instruction for use 
Principle of Test: 
Immunochromatographic assay

One step kit COVID-19 IgM/IgG Ab Test is used for qualitative detection of the IgM and IgG antibodies of 2019-nCOV in human serum/plasma or whole blood.This kit is intended for use as an aid in the COVID-19 virus test
1.Bring tests, specimens to room temperature (15-30ÂșC) before use.
2. Remove the test from its sealed pouch and use it as soon as possible. For best results.
3. Place the test device on a clean and level surface,then take out the test related
4. Dispense 1-2 drops blood specimen into the sample well,add add 1-2 drops of Assay diluent ,then start the time
5. Read the result at 15 minutes, After 15 minutes invalid.

Size:1T/Pouch, 20Ts/box, 40box/CTN
Easy to read:Tri-line design.two test lines indicate IgM and IgG infection respectively
Convenient to use:Only 1 drop of blood required,,one person needs three tests
Considerate design for home pack,include all necessary attachments.
Quick Resuit:Read result between 10-15 minutes.