Custom Jigs

Mar 24, 2020
Custom Jigs

Product Detail

Features & Usages:

The Modular welding fixturing system is consist of tables (The welding table has 5 precision machined working surfaces. For bearing heavier workpieces, it is reinforced on the underneath side by ribs. ) and standard reusable accessories such as clamps, locators, bolts. According to different products, you can configure different set of welding fixtures for improving production in short time.

3D Modular Welding Fixturing System is quite suitable for the fixturing of frame structure weldments. Fixture can be built using all standard modular components in short time. Big support structure can be formed by the connection of tables and U-Shape cube cases or the extension of supporting angles. High precision located system holes and high precision machined surfaces can easily provide accurate fixing locating. Fixtures are reusable to different weldments and with same high precision and accuration achieved. If you have many different such types of weldments, the advantage of flexibility of this system can fully be shown up.

This system was first used for fixturing prototypes to production or products of little production but with frequently changed design. Now this system is widely used for fixturing weldments as frame structure, vehicle, railway track, construction, electronics etc.