Cutting Process Of FPC Cover Film Laser Cutting Machine

Nov 18, 2020
Cutting Process Of FPC Cover Film Laser Cutting Machine

FPC cover film laser cutting machine is mainly for FPC, PCB, circuit board, flexible board and other materials, using high-power ultraviolet laser to achieve rapid and precise cutting and drilling, and its application fields are very wide. The FPC cover film laser cutting process mainly uses laser to cut the PI cover film, which not only has high cutting accuracy, but also saves high mold costs. The product qualification rate is also high, which can greatly reduce production costs and improve product quality.

FPC cover film laser cutting machine features:

1. Advanced laser and core components, good beam quality, high power stability;

2. Years of process tuning and optimization, focusing on spot quality, good cutting effect, and high efficiency;

3. The equipment is equipped with an optical marble platform, high-speed and high-precision linear motor and negative pressure adsorption system, with accurate positioning and high processing stability;

4. There are two different models of manual loading and unloading and automatic loading and unloading, which can be customized according to customer needs.

Advantages of FPC cover film laser cutting machine

1. Using nanosecond ultraviolet laser, cold light source, laser cutting heat affected zone is particularly small as 10μm;

2. The minimum focusing spot can reach 10μm, which is suitable for micro-cutting and drilling of any organic & inorganic materials;

3. CCD visual pre-scanning & automatic target positioning, processing range can be expanded to 500mm×350mm, XY platform stitching accuracy ≤±5μm;

4. Support a variety of visual positioning features, such as crosses, solid circles, hollow circles, L-shaped right-angle edges, image feature points, etc.;

5. The manipulator automatically loads and unloads and cuts the IC fingerprint recognition chip, which takes 3 seconds for a single particle;

FPC laser cutting machine is a relatively delicate device. Compared with other laser cutting machines, it has higher environmental requirements and needs to be used under constant temperature conditions, usually at 22 degrees Celsius. Secondly, there are higher requirements for the air environment used. It is usually used in a dust-free workshop. If it is a dust workshop, it will seriously affect the service life of the UV laser cutting machine.