Diamond Laser Engraving Machine

Jun 26, 2019
Diamond Laser Engraving Machine

SW-LDM Diamond Laser Inscription Machine

1. Our Technology

Diamond Laser Inscription is a process of using a very fine precise laser beam to inscribe a Diamond Grading Report Number on the diamond girdle for purposes of identification. The laser inscription is microscopic and totally invisible to the naked eye. It can only be seen with jewelers'10x magnifying loupe.

We USE Cold Diamond Laser Inscription

Cold laser inscription does not change the colour or clarity grade of a diamond and is considered permanent as it can only be removed by a professional diamond cutter. Superwave uses the latest cold laser technology that allows excellent control during inscription without damaging the diamond (unlike a hot laser). Laser inscription will ensure that the loose diamond matches the Diamond Certificate. If the diamond is set in the ring it will also confirm that it is the same diamond as the one described on the Diamond Certificate.

Laser inscription will never chip or fracture a diamond, because the "cold laser process" (using a short wave length, the very deep-blue part of the spectrum of light-waves) produces no thermal effect on the inscribed gem.

Using advanced laser inscription technology, we can engrave a special or secret message on the diamond for the ultimate personal touch.

4. More Samples

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