Double Working CW Fiber Laser Welding Machine With 6-Axis Linkage Robotic

Apr 04, 2019
Double Working CW Fiber Laser Welding Machine With 6-Axis Linkage Robotic

Product Description

CW Fiber Lasers cover output power range have feature a wide range of operating wavelengths, single-mode and multi-mode options, high stability and extremely long pump diode lifetime. These lasers are water-cooled and can be suppiled with a built-in or standalone chiller. The lasers are available with a wide variety of fiber terminations, collimation optics and processing heads.


Machine Features

Robot manipulator fiber laser welding machine is a laser welding equipment which couples the high energy laser beams into the optical fiber, after long-distance transmission, then transformed into parallel lights through collimating mirror to be focused on the work piece to implement the welding.The laser welding robot system, mainly use for welding high-accuracy products, such as stainless steel sinks, Ketchenware, teapot, automobile parts, medical equipments and device. The Robot brand include ABB,KUKA,OTC,YASKAWA,Panasonic etc.


► Imported 6-axis linkage of high-precision robot welding system, with our energy closed-loop (energy negative feedback) laser welding machine, laser energy output stability, energy closed-loop real-time monitoring, automatic compensation, so as to ensure the consistency of the welding energy;

► High yield, laser head in the space move randomly, easy alignment, only a simple fixture to complete the difficult welding of special-shaped parts;

► Widely types of welding materials, including heterogeneous materials;

► High automation integration, high-speed welding;

► Transfer the laser beam to multiple operating points by using the switching device and fiber to meet the needs of multi-point simultaneous or different time-sharing work.

► Multiple stations can be set to facilitate loading and unloading, thus improving welding efficiency


Machine Advantage

The traditional laser source consist of the lens, laser rods and other components.What's different is that fiber laser source integrates all this components.A several meters of fiber cable replaced the laser rod,other components are also replaced by fiber optic parts.All of that make up a laser resonator.The benefits of the design is that there is no need for para-position, calibration and cleaning the optical lens surface after the laser source installing.It means that late maintenance is easy or no maintenance required.


► Output fiber laser power stability, electro-optical conversion rate up to 30%,Its conversion rate is 8 times of YAG.

► Beam quality is excellent, non-Gaussian light, multi-module fiber transmission.

► Maintenance-free operation.

► Low cost of use,almost no consumptive material, daily maintenance-free,reducing the cost of debugging when production line stops.

► Long lifetime, high precision, pump source lifetime more than 100,000 hours.



Mainly apply for welding of sheet metal, metal and aluminum alloy, used in automobile, aviation, aerospace, ship, power battery, hardware and kitchenware etc.