Enclosed 3D Fiber Laser Engraving And Cutting Machine

Apr 04, 2019
Enclosed 3D Fiber Laser Engraving And Cutting Machine

Product introduction

Traditional 2D laser marking is used post-focus mode, generally only within the specified range of plane marking.The advent of the new 3D laser marking machine has solved the inherent shortcomings of the 2D laser marking machine. The 3D laser marking machine adopts the advanced pre-aggregation method, and use of the dynamic focusing seat, which takes the light principle, The principle of candle imaging, through the software control and mobile dynamic focusing lens, to change the focal length of the laser beam to achieve accurate surface marking of high and low different objects.


The emergence of three-dimensional laser marking machine is a major jump in the field of laser marking, it is no longer limited to the surface shape of the object in the class plane, can be extended to the three-dimensional surface, to achieve high-efficiency three-dimensional surface laser Marking and surface microstructure manufacturing. Compared with the traditional two-dimensional laser marking machine, three-dimensional laser marking machine has the following advantages:

1. Greater range and finer light efficiency.

3D marking using pre-focused optical mode, the use of larger X, Y-axis deflection lens, which can allow the transmission of more larger laser spot light  , better focusing accuracy, better energy ; if 3D marking and 2D marking work together in the same focus precision , the marking range of 3D can be greater.

2.Can engraving different height of the object, variable focal length.

 As the 3D marking can quickly change the laser focal length and laser beam position, greatly improving the processing efficiency,but the 2D marking can not achieve this effect. Moreover, in real life, many parts of the surface shape is not regular and some parts of the surface height difference is quite large, for 2D marking processing is really powerless, this time, the advantages of 3D marking will become more obvious.


3. Suitable for deep engraving.

 For the traditional deep engraving method is the electric way in the engraving process at regular intervals to move the lift to a certain height ,to ensure that the laser surface is well focused.3D marking for deep processing, there is no such problem, both to ensure 




It's suitable for all kinds of metals and nonmetals laser marking on 3D surface. It's widely used in mobile manufacture, cubic circuits, medical equipments, moulds, 3C electronics, auto parts, electronic communication, etc.


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