Enclosed Fiber Laser Marking And Engraving Machine

Jan 02, 2019
Enclosed Fiber Laser Marking And Engraving Machine

This laser machine has an exquisite volume and   it is suitable for adverse circumstances: The optical fiber laser machine has an   extremely flexibility, designs extremely nimble and has a compact design. The   glass fiber surface area / volume ratio is high and has a good effect of   radiation. It is not necessary to use an enormous water cooling system - an air   cooling system is sufficient. Even if attacking high, high vibration, high   temperature, dust and other adverse circumstances, this laser machine continue   normal work. Exempts the maintenance operation.1.Small size with less power consumption; 
2.High speed scanner head;
3.Stable property;
4.Long lifetime:life expectancy is 100,000 hours;
5.No maintenance;
6.Red light preview:show the marking position before marking.

Applicable materials and industries

Used to engrave metallic and non-metallic materials, for example, stainless steel decorating parts for handsets, clocks, watches, moulds, ICs, handset buttons, etc. The markers are able to engrave beautiful images on metallic and plastic surfaces.