F-Theta Lens-superwave laser

Apr 03, 2018
F-Theta Lens-superwave laser

F-Theta Lens --- Nd:YAG Laser

F-theta scan lens is used in conjunction with XY galvanometer scanner and beam expander to form a two dimensions scanning system. The scan lens is optimized to provide a flat field image with diffraction-limited spot size in micron scale over the entire scan field. The image field height is almost directly proportional to the scan angle. Typically, the linearity f-theta distortion is kept less than 1% without software correction to ensure minimal distortion. High transmissive AR coating is coated onto the lens elements surface to ensure minimal power loss and hence increase the throughput. The scan lenses are designed with a industrial standard M85x1 mount threading to facilitate lens installation into laser machine. To accommodate different standard mount thread, mount adaptors are available for ease of conversion. Most of our products are RoHS compliant unless otherwise stated.

Aperture Stop is set at center point of X-Y mirror in case of two-axis scanning system.

1064nm Fiber Scan Lens

Model No.EFL (mm)Scanning Angle (±°)Scan Length (mm)Scan Field (mm)Ent. Pupil (mm)Length (mm)WD (mm)Screw ThreadWindow Size