Face Mask Laser Making Machine With Production Line

Apr 13, 2020
Face Mask Laser Making Machine With Production Line

Automatic face mask production line and laser marking identification code

The new, environmentally friendly and with good anti-counterfeiting function laser marking technology is being widely used on face mask labels.The laser marking machine uses a high energy continuous laser beam to melt and even vaporize the surface material in an instant. By controlling the path of the laser on the surface of the material, the marking code on the outer layer of the mask will never fall off.Any potions wipe the identification code is not effective, is conducive to mask anti-counterfeiting and the whole process traceability.Automatic marking: bar code, two-dimensional code, letters, Numbers, graphics, date, time, batch number, class and serial number.

Through a set of face mask laser making machine with production line customize equipment and solutions,with characterized of clear font, permanent information, fast speed and high production efficiency.

Face Mask Laser Making-superwave laser

Face Mask Laser Making Machine with Production Line-superwave laser

Face Mask Laser Making with Production Line-Superwave laser