Factors Affecting The Unstable Power Of Laser Marking Machine

Mar 31, 2021
Factors Affecting The Unstable Power Of Laser Marking Machine

Common causes of unstable power of laser marking machines are currently on the market. There are many types of laser marking machines and their power performance is also different. For example, fiber laser marking machine, the laser power is 10W, 20W, 30W, 50W, etc., the overall power is 800W, 1000W, etc., of course, there are different laser marking machines, ultraviolet laser marking machines, fiber laser marking machines, CO2 lasers Marking machine etc.

Understanding the power drop problem of simple laser markers and the corresponding solutions are skills possessed by the maintenance personnel of laser markers in enterprises, and more reasonable operating specifications are also the guarantee for producing excellent products. Through our instructions, we hope to help your company, and we also hope to provide more companies with a series of excellent laser marking machine solutions.

The fiber laser marking machine is a professional industrial processing equipment, which can be used for a long time and is prone to emergencies. For example, many users find that the power of laser markers is unstable. The following are 8 common causes of unstable power of laser markers:

1. The solution to the marking speed is too fast: appropriately slow down the marking speed.

2. The laser power supply voltage drops and the laser output power drops solution: the power supply needs to be replaced.

3. Incorrect solution for the optical path system 1: Adjust the laser. Solution 2: Adjust the position of the expansion mirror. The incoming rays must enter the center of the light hole at the expansion mirror, and the outgoing rays must be at the center of the exit hole.

4. The solution to the workpiece surface is not on the focal plane: adjust from the workpiece surface to the focal point.

5. The solution to the incorrect beam position and direction: adjust the beam position.

6. The solution to the deviation of the laser entering the vibrating mirror: adjust the laser.

7. The solution for the lens and the lens is stained: clean or replace.

8. The solution to the long service life of the equipment: need to inflate or replace with a new laser.

As a major part of the application of laser equipment in my country, laser marking machine can not be ignored in production and processing. Therefore, any potential problems will lead to the loss of corporate profits, which is very important for the inspection and maintenance of laser marking machine equipment. The decrease of laser marking machine power will lead to poor processing, and the processing effect cannot meet industrial requirements. The analysis and resolution of this cause is an important task of processing operations.