Fiber Laser Cutting Head

Dec 19, 2018
Fiber Laser Cutting Head


1、Single layer protective lens,drawer type installation,easy to replace.
2、D22 or D30 composite lens,the maximum carrying capacity of 6000W.
3、Can be matched with a variety of fiber laser.
4、Optimized optical design,water cooled,sealed,more durable and more stable.
5、Knob adjustment,convenient and afficient.
6、Multi seal,long-term use of internal lens-stability.


Technical parameters:

Collimating Focal Length: 100/75
Focal Length: 100/125/150
Focusing Range: ±4
Level Adjustment: ±1.5
Optical Aperture: 25mm
Pressure lntensity: 25Bar
Weight: 1.9KG