Fiber Laser Cutting Head

Mar 12, 2019
Fiber Laser Cutting Head

Fiber laser cutting head:

Optional range: 500-6000W



1、Single layer protective lens,drawer type installation,easy to replace.
2、D22 or D30 composite lens,the maximum carrying capacity of 6000W.
3、Can be matched with a variety of fiber laser.
4、Optimized optical design,water cooled,sealed,more durable and more stable.
5、Knob adjustment,convenient and afficient.
6、Multi seal,long-term use of internal lens-stability.


Technical parameters:

Collimating Focal Length: 100/75
Focal Length: 100/125/150
Focusing Range: ±4
Level Adjustment: ±1.5
Optical Aperture: 25mm
Pressure lntensity: 25Bar
Weight: 1.9KG




laser cutting head