Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Has An Important Position In The Electronics Industry

Apr 01, 2021
Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Has An Important Position In The Electronics Industry

Copper foil is also one of the common parts of electronic devices. It is a negative electrolytic material. It is deposited on the thin layer on the base of the circuit board and on the continuous metal foil. Copper foil is a very thin copper product. Paper, such as copper, whose thickness is expressed in microns.

Usually, between making 5um to 135um, wider, wider, wider products, and pressing the copper into a very thin sheet, this is the copper foil. In the cutting of copper foil, fiber laser cutting machine is more common, copper foil cutting is difficult to carbonic acid, no burr, no burr, and will not deform the copper foil, and achieve copper foil, achieve volume to roll processing mode. The general influence of laser cutting machine is great, the application direction is different, the accuracy of laser cutting machine is low, at the edge of the eye, the thermal impact of the edge will be copper foil copper foil.

The advantage of fiber laser cutting machine is that the laser is a cold light source. Heat affects the heat of the processing material, the processing gap is very small, the processing edge is smooth, no burr, it is suitable for cutting ultra-thin metal materials, such as copper foil, ultra-thin metal. In addition, there are various applications in the field of conductive metal films.

Laser cutting machine processing mode using the Gammell scanning method, the bottom is vacuum adsorption, cold light source reduction, the perfect cutting of copper foil is also suitable for ultra-thin metal cutting. Fiber laser cutting machine is not only the equipment hardware, but also has the comprehensive strength assessment process experience, process ability, etc., in the copper foil to do well.