Fiber Laser Marking Logo Of Phone Case

Sep 05, 2019
Fiber Laser Marking Logo Of Phone Case

Mobile phone manufacturing can be said to be the primary application in laser processing, with no pollution, marking is not easy to wear, low cost, saving time and effort. Taking Superwave fiber laser marking machine as an example, this laser equipment has the characteristics of excellent beam quality, high precision and high frequency, and has superior application features in the field of mobile phone processing.


Not only the processing speed is fast, it is 2-3 times of the traditional marking machine, but also the marking pattern is clear, high precision and no deformation. In addition to mobile phone casings, fiber laser marker are also widely used for marking of mobile phone components such as logo marking, mobile phone jewelry marking and earphones. 


On the one hand, compared to traditional ink imprints, modern laser markers are more durable, which can improve the anti-counterfeiting ability. The beautiful mark also makes the mobile phone look higher and thus add value; on the other hand, our laser Marking can meet the more high-precision and more complex personality pattern engraving, and the beautiful laser process design can be customized to provide consumers with more choices.



phone case laser marking logo