Fiber Laser Marking Machine To Create Different Color Stainless Steel

Nov 04, 2020
Fiber Laser Marking Machine To Create Different Color Stainless Steel

The application of laser marking machine is more and more widely, in the life all walks of life can see the effect of laser marking machine proofing, one of the most widely used in it have jewelry laser marking, energy-saving lamps, laser marking, fasteners, laser marking, capacitance aluminum shell of laser marking, sand round piece of laser marking, auto parts, such as the laser marking more some the fiber laser marking machine is applied to the egg marking, this shows the charm of laser marking machine. Today Edida Laser shares with you the effect of optical fiber laser marking machine on stainless steel color marking.

Stainless steel material, it is essential engineering materials in people's processing and production, stainless steel with its beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance characteristics, not easy to damage the advantage, more and more people love. More and more stainless steel is used in POTS and pans, urban sculptures, architectural decoration rooms, etc 

Its use is very wide, covering many aspects of today's production and processing, has become one of the essential processing materials in these industries. Therefore, the wide application of stainless steel makes laser marking machine more and more widely used in the market. Especially recently popular stainless steel color printing, is greatly sought after by the advertising/crafts industry.

Color marking marks, fashion and beautiful stainless steel color marking, is in the role of optical fiber laser marking machine, the surface of stainless steel produced laser thermal effect. Can edit all kinds of text patterns at will, very convenient and easy to operate: absolute environmental protection, no pollution; The marking speed is fast, for the stainless steel products industry, the application of color laser marking can add the color of the marking graphics, can greatly enhance the product added value of stainless steel products, enhance the international competitiveness of domestic stainless steel products

Many stainless steel products and parts require some information, such as simple production date and lot number, as well as relatively high precision bar and TWO-DIMENSIONAL code information. No matter it is one-way line, contour line or filling font, as long as it can be represented on the drawing, it can be marked on the stainless steel surface by laser marking equipment. Since then, stainless steel products have a detailed "identity information"