Fiber Laser Scanner Welding Machine For Mobile And Battery

Mar 07, 2019
Fiber Laser Scanner Welding Machine For Mobile And Battery

Fiber scanning laser welder  uses galvanometer scanning method, features high welding speed, high precision and good light beam mode, and is suitable for precision laser spot welding of various parts. During single spot welding, the working efficiency is 4-10 times higher than common laser spot welding because the idle stroke positioning time is reduced significantly. The scanning laser welder consists of YAG solid laser, laser power supply, optical scanning system, 3D adjustable work bench, industrial PC system, cooling system, laser indication system and operating cabinet. 

Features of fiber Laser Scanner Welding Machine

This scanning laser welder provides dedicated laser welding software based on Windows platform. The welding spots or graphs can be imported and edited in the dedicated software, or edited in other software such as Autocad and CorelDraw and then processed in the dedicated software. It support the AI;PLT;DXF format ect.This welder features stable quality, convenient operation and easy maintenance.


1.Using the gold-plated converging cavity, fine and uniform gold-plated mirror. Laser welder is corrosion resistant and high temperature resistant

2. 8-10 years service life. The life of xenon lamp is more than 8 million times.

3.The welding speed is several times of the traditional electric workbench,the production efficiency is 4-10 times of ordinary laser spot welding machine, especially suit for all kinds of precision parts.

4..Heat affected area is small, the weld is smooth and without pores, weld strength toughness is even more than the base metal.


Welding Sample