Film CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

Jul 30, 2019
Film CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

Product description

The machine is used to cut PET, Acrylic, Aramid fiber, Leather, Paper, Wood, Rubber, Kevlar, Plastic and other non-metallic film materials.


1. Security and reliability:High security and reliability base as well as fully enclosed design.

2. Compatible with CorelDRAW, AutoCAD, Photoshop and other software files

performance with high cutting speed, smooth corner and high stability.

3. Long Using Life: The machine is with long life using the imported metallic-sealed-off CO2 laser.

4. Good Cutting Effect: With excellent optical path design, produce a perfect focus spot, small thermal effect.

5. Convenient Operation: Convenient data processing with dedicated laser cutting software. File formats include DXF, PLT, etc. Interface is simple and friendly, easy operation.


Applied to highspeed precision laser cutting of the screen protective film, acrylic panels, OCA optical adhesive, PET display panel, touch screen, FPC, PCB, electronic paper, diffuser, product logo, digital product, injection molding nozzle, etc.