Gantry CW Fiber Laser Welding System

Dec 17, 2018
Gantry CW Fiber Laser Welding System

This equipment is designed for dual station and dual transmission track, which can be directly connected to the production line.The laser adopts continuous fiber welding laser source,adopts gantry structure,with xyz three axis,the laser welding head is easy to move.The working mode is that the left side is the feeding direction, the right side is the discharging direction, and the middle part is the double-station fixture part and the laser xyz three axis moving part.The clamps are pneumatic controlled,have the function of automatic clamping, positioning and welding. After welding, the clamps will be released automatically,the assembly line sends the finished products to the next process site.



Continuous wave fiber laser

The continuous wave(CW) fiber lasers can effectively suppress the focal motion of the focused beam caused by the beam mode changes that cause by the thermal lens effect of the laser source.It effectively improves the quality and stability of welding.The structure design and solid metal outermost cover ensure that this laser system can be used in an online industrial production.And has a better protection for the impact, dust, vibration and temperature widely changes.The traditional laser source consist of the lens, laser rods and other components.What's different is that fiber laser source integrates all this components.A several meters of fiber cable replaced the laser rod,other components are also replaced by fiber optic parts.All of that make up a laser resonator.The benefits of the design is that there is no need for para-position, calibration and cleaning the optical lens surface after the laser source installing.It means that late maintenance is easy or no maintenance required.



  Output fiber laser power stability, electro-optical conversion rate up to

30%,Its conversion rate is 8 times of YAG.

   Beam quality is excellent, non-Gaussian light, multi-module fiber transmission.

   Maintenance-free operation.

  Low cost of use,almost no consumptive material, daily maintenance-free,reducing

the cost of debugging when production line stops.

    Long lifetime, high precision, pump source lifetime more than 100,000 hours.



IPG Fiber laser source

Fiber laser is the newest type of laser source; it has large heat dissipation area, good laser beam quality, and compact structure, compared with the huge sizes of gas laser and solid state laser.Single cell junction semiconductor pump laser sources are used as fiber laser, the optical fiber laser possess the characteristics of long service life. Therefore, the service life of IPG fiber laser is more than 100 thousand hours at least.


Main features:

· Excellent beam quality

· Constant BPP in full laser power range

· Finest laser spot even when using long-focus length

· Electro-optic conversion efficiency >30%

· Maintenance free

· Modular design, plug and play

· Compact structure, easy to install

· Service life of Pump sources > 100000 hours

· Integrated optical - optical coupler, or optical shutter