GIA Diamond Girdle Laser Inscription Machine

Aug 26, 2019
GIA Diamond Girdle Laser Inscription Machine


1.Using self-developed with international leading level Q switch laser device , high quality laser beam, short reaction time less than 3ns,very low heat effect.

2.Combination use high-power beam expander and dual-band aberration focusing mirror, perfect design make the spotlight small to 5um.

3.High-precision CNC electromigration X-Y-Z platform, repeat positioning accuracy can be correct to ±1µm.

4.Using laser and CCD microscope confocal aiming optical system, make diamond carved images and laser engraved lines even small as micron can clearly displayed on the screen simultaneously, operator can see them easily.

5.Specially designed software, support enter and editor any type of text or graphic, and simple to learn.

6.The machine lifetime is more than 20,000 hours, Total power consumption less than 200w, no water cooling, maintenance-free.

GIA Diamond Girdle Laser Inscription Machine