Glass Laser Cutting Machine

Dec 26, 2020
Glass Laser Cutting Machine

Since the advent of smartphones, they have been criticized for the serious problem of homogeneity in appearance. To meet market demand, major mobile phone manufacturers have started from the aspects of material, design, production, and craftsmanship to enhance the "appearance" of mobile phones in an all-round way. Among them, glass has quickly become the main material choice for mobile phone covers due to its variable shape, good impact resistance, and controllable cost. In the process of processing, the traditional processing technology is easy to cause glass cracks, rough edges and other problems, which cannot meet the precise and meticulous processing needs of mobile phone manufacturers. Therefore, the innovation of glass cutting technology is imminent.

At present, laser cutting technology has matured, and it has been widely used in the cutting of metal sheets, pipes, organic materials and other materials, which has greatly improved and improved the traditional manufacturing technology. As an inorganic material with low thermal conductivity, glass combined with laser technology will theoretically produce better processing results, especially the development of ultra-fast lasers in recent years, which provides a new solution for the glass cutting process.

In the current glass processing market, CNC equipment occupies a dominant position, while laser equipment only occupies a partial share.

First look at the comparison of laser equipment and CNC equipment. At present, the number of laser equipment in the glass cutting market is far lower than that of CNC equipment. On the one hand, laser equipment is expensive. In contrast, the single investment of CNC equipment is much lower than laser equipment; on the other hand, traditional CNC equipment Processing has formed a very mature system that can meet most market needs. Therefore, for manufacturers that already have large-scale CNC equipment, expensive laser cutting machines are naturally not considered, but for new manufacturers, choosing laser means choosing a wider road.

The ultra-fast laser can focus on the ultra-fine space area, and it has extremely high peak power and extremely short laser pulse. During the processing, it will not affect the surrounding materials in the involved space, thus achieving the "ultra-fine processing". ". Therefore, laser technology has incomparable advantages for components that require high precision such as cell phone covers and fingerprint identification sheets.

In addition, the traditional front-end production process of glass cover has many problems such as slow cutting speed, large auxiliary consumables, complicated operation methods, low yield, low manufacturing efficiency, etc. The CNC manufacturing process is uncontrollable, and the quality of the tool affects the yield of the entire production line. . Cutting, CNC rough grinding and drilling, CNC fine grinding and other links take up a lot of processing time, resulting in a large number of production equipment, a large number of personnel, and a large demand for space. Compared with the traditional processing process, the laser equipment cutting, drilling and cutting can be done in one go, and its fine processing process also eliminates the grinding process, which not only solves the problems of CNC equipment, but also greatly improves the processing efficiency. Taking glass cover processing as an example, CNC equipment needs 3-4 minutes to complete the task, and laser equipment only needs ten seconds.

It is compatible with precision processing techniques such as cutting, surface texturing, and texture processing of the camera protection lens. When the processing applications of these precision parts are compatible and modularized, while greatly improving processing efficiency, it also reduces the number of equipment and reduces costs.

The perfect connection between equipment and customer needs and on-site production is realized. In addition, for different types and thickness of glass, the cutting quality is guaranteed, and the high-precision linear motor is equipped to meet customer requirements.