Glass Laser Cutting Machine

Jan 05, 2021
Glass Laser Cutting Machine

The glass laser cutting machine adopts controllable glass cracking technology and combines heating and cooling to not only achieve high-quality cutting edges, but also minimize micro-cracking problems.The steps of seamless laser glass cutting include: heating the glass surface with a laser beam; increasing the compressive stress of the glass surface without damaging its surface; cooling the cutting line surface with a coolant; sudden changes in temperature cause higher tensile stress on the glass surface.Laser cutting glass, small focus spot, narrow incision, smooth cutting edge, small broken edge, fast processing speed, suitable for fine cutting of mobile phone cover, optical glass, sapphire substrate, electric plate glass material micro-hole drilling, etc.



1. Glass thickness: 0.1-1.2mm

2. Edge breakage size: <0.005mm

3. Processing efficiency: 4s/pcs, 115*60mm, R5mm, DOL<50μm, T=0.7mm

4. Non-contact processing, less damage to materials, high cutting precision

5. Layered three-dimensional cutting, used to cut non-strengthened and strengthened glass

6. Short laser single-point action time, small heat-affected area,  no glass debris

7. High-speed cutting with linear motor, high efficiency



1. Using picosecond laser, ultra-short pulse processing without heat conduction, smooth the cutting edge without edge collapse.

2. CCD visual pre-scanning & automatic positioning, supporting multiple visual positioning features

3. Fast cutting speed, stable performance, no consumables

4. Automatic control by special computer software, long-term operation;

5. Equipped with automated processing system



Glass, sapphire, silicon wafer, silicon carbide, silicon nitride, aluminum nitride, gallium arsenide and other brittle materials cutting, shaped screen, silicon wafer.


Glass laser cutting