Gold Analyzer

Apr 03, 2019
Gold Analyzer

SW-XRA Series Gold Analyzer


Why Use X-Ray Gold Analyzer?

Now gold price is very high, and gold analysis method is becoming more important. For example, gold price is USD1500 per ounce; if analysis method tolerance is more than 1%, then customers wills lose as follows:1 ounce loses USD15, 1Kg loses USD15*(1000/31.1)=USD482If a gold buyer buys 5Kg gold every day, then he will lose about USD2410.So for jewelers and gold buyers, choosing a correct gold analysis method and equipment is very important.


How To Choose Correct XRA Analyzer For Gold Analysis?

Before you want to buy a XRA gold analyzer, you need to make some samples with different gold percentage, and test them by Fire Assay, then test them with different brands’ XRA analyzer. So you will find which one is the most cost-effective, and then choose this one.  This step will spend a little money and time. But if you choose a machine which gives you wrong results, then you will lose more. You also need to understand the following 3 points: 1. It is very important to know whether this machine gives you results automatically. If the machine needs to choose different calculation method and then gives you the result, so how do you know which result is accurate?2. How many samples do they use for calibration? This is also important. Some companies always tell customers, if the result is not accurate, then you need more samples for calibration. If you have used 200 samples to calibrate machine, but the No. 201 sample is still not accurate, so what customers can do?3. The performance of all XRA analyzers is the same at high gold percentage, such as gold > 90%, but it will be very different at low gold percentage. So you will know how to prepare samples for machine testing.