Gold Silver Jewelry Laser Spot Welder For Goldsmith

Feb 20, 2019
Gold Silver Jewelry Laser Spot Welder For Goldsmith

Desktop Laser spot welder is mainly use in jewelry and dental industry or other hardware field. The laser spot welding machine is very high performance and high accuracy welding system; it’s mainly use in Jewelry welding, dental welding, Watch repair, Eye-glasses welding, sensor welding, medical tools welding, and other high precision welding purpose. The desktop laser welder can weld various metallic materials such as gold, silver, platinum, titanium, palladium.




Laser welded joints are of high strength and resist even high mechanical strain without any wear. Other than adhesive seals, they are temperature-resistant and show pore-free surfaces. Compared to other joining techniques, post processing of laser weld is reduced to only a few simple steps,or can be ignored completely.


1.High-strength joints

Robust joints for high-strain work-pieces

2.Flawless surfaces

Pore-free, oxidation-free, no burn-off

3.Time and cost-efficient

No set-up times, short welding periods, minimal or no post-processing

4.Simple workpiece handling

Easy handling and fast operational readiness with extremely short training periods

5.Many different materials

Such as stainless steel, gold, silver, platinum, titanium, shape memory alloys