Green Laser Machine-superwave Laser

Feb 28, 2018
Green Laser Machine-superwave Laser

Green laser sub-surface engraver adopts diode pump laser, and flying optical way. This equipment is a high-tech product that integrates laser technology, accuracy mechanical technology, electrical technology and computer technology. It has many advantages, such as high engraving speed, big engraving size (600mm*400mm), exquisite engraving picture, good stability, no pollution and small noise. The control software is developed by our company.

1. Machine Apart

    • Main body:Laser emmiter,Power supply box,Work table and wiring electro circuit.

    • Water coolling system

    • Controlling system:PC or note book USB control.

2. Technical Specification

    • Laser wavelength::532nm

    • Cooling system:Water cooling

    • Max. size of engraved image(W×L×H):600mm x400 mm x50mm

    • Maximum line moving speed::500MM/S

    • Maximum Laser frequency:5000HZ(5000 dot/second

    • Max. power consumption:2KW

3. Applications and materials

Craftwork, souvenir, photography for tourism, hotel, gallery, etc.
 Crystal crafts, glass, some kind of polymethyl methacrylate, and other transparent materials.

4. Sample