Hand-held Laser Marking Machine-Superwave Laser Machine

Jul 20, 2018
Hand-held Laser Marking Machine-Superwave Laser Machine

Product Introduction

The fiber laser marker has a homogeneous   structure, any optical soiling, any power coupling losses and it has an air   cooling system. In contrast to other laser machines, this laser machine has a   high efficiency and reliability. Efficiency and a long duration of usage are the   main arguments for customer's choice and usage of this optical fiber laser   marking machine.

Essential features

The laser beam has an excellent quality: In   comparison with traditional laser marking machines, the laser marking machines   of series SW-FLM have the absolute superiority. The output for the base mould is   focused with a facular diameter less than 20nm. The divergence angle is ¼ of the semiconductor pump laser. Especially suitable for precise and extremely precise   laser marking:

Low running costs

The electrical light transfer efficiency   achieves 30% most greatly; the energy consumption is less than 800W, which is   1/10 by the lamp during laser marking pumped solids. The long-term use may save   a lot of disbursement of the users.

This laser machine has a long duration of life

The fiber laser marking machines uses two   levels of tube achievement for pump source. This machine uses a unique pump   coupling technology and its averaged working time amount to 100,000   hours. This laser machine has an exquisite volume and   it is suitable for adverse circumstances: The optical fiber laser machine has an   extremely flexibility, designs extremely nimble and has a compact design. The   glass fiber surface area / volume ratio is high and has a good effect of   radiation. It is not necessary to use an enormous water cooling system - an air   cooling system is sufficient. Even if attacking high, high vibration, high   temperature, dust and other adverse circumstances, this laser machine continue   normal work. Exempts the maintenance operation.


The optical fiber laser markers feature high efficiency in electrical/optical conversion, and wind cooling is employed. The whole system is small in size, with high beam output quality, high reliability, super long service life, and saving energy.

1.Small size with less power consumption;

2.High speed scanner head;

3.Stable property;

4.Long lifetime:life expectancy is 100,000 hours;

5.No maintenance;

6.Red light preview:show the marking position before marking.

7.Compact structure, compact and light, simple interface, flexible and adjustable processing direction, easy to control

Applicable materials and industries

Used to engrave metallic and non-metallic materials, for example, stainless steel decorating parts for handsets, clocks, watches, moulds, ICs, handset buttons, etc. The markers are able to engrave beautiful images on metallic and plastic surfaces.

Data Sheet:

laser power10W;20W;30W;50W;100W
Laser wavelength1064nm
Laser Repetition frequency20-100KHz
Marking area100X100mm
Marking size optional50x50mm,150x150mm,175x175mm,200x200mm,300x300mm
Marking depth=0.8mm
Linear speed=10000mm/s
Min. line width0.01mm
Min. letter0.2mm
Supported formatSupport AI,PLT, DXF, BMP,JPG file
Power supplyAC220V±10%/50Hz-60Hz, AC110V   optional.
Power consumption0.8KW
Laser coolingAir cooling
Host dimension(L*W*H)1200x630x1400mm


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